What are the different catering options for Kosher Korean BBQ?

There are many ways to have us cater your event! As small as a cocktail reception, or as big as a main course dinner.


Can the food be barbecued in front of guests?

Absolutely we can! Unless the venue does not allow. 


How much would it be to have Kosher Korean BBQ at an event?

The pricing is individualized as we can work within each persons budget. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email for a quote.

Judith Boteach previous owner of famous restaurants and businesses in Beverly Hills and Malibu wanted to start something completely new in the kosher industry. Kosher Korean BBQ will set a new standard for quality and taste that far surpasses anything the kosher community has had before. The intriguing aspect of doing something that has never been done before has created a big buzz and has become a overnight sensation.

ABOUT Kosher Korean BBQ 


Kosher Korean BBQ

Who We Are


​​Judith owned BBC Cafe in Beverly Hills and BBC By The Sea in Malibu, and now is at UCLA Hillel, all of which were highly successful. With her extensive culinary background where she trained in Paris and Morocco, combined with her experience, she has ventured in to a never done before category: Kosher Korean BBQ.